We are Catching Stripers!


Hello Snap-A-Striper community!

Thanks to all who participated in this striped bass data collection program for the month of July.

CCA-Maine is awarding some great prizes donated by L.L. Bean to the following anglers and captains:

Winners for the month of July were:
Biggest fish – Jason Farris
Biggest Youth Fish – Lukas Barnes
First Post of the Month – Tom Whittle
Most Photos of the Month – Tom Whittle


Snap-A-Striper is an ongoing collaborative effort between the Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI) and CCA-Maine . Body shape data collected from striper photos with Snap-A-Striper data cards in place, as well as data from the otoliths (ear bones) of legally harvested fish can help GMRI scientists determine the origin (locally spawned or migratory) of stripers in Maine, information that can improve management of the resource.


If you are already participating in Snap-A-Striper, please keep it up! The scientists need all the fish photos you can send. And CCA-Maine will be awarding more prizes for August and September catches, as well as a grand prize at the end of the season.

Learn more about how you can get involved
  Get your data cards.

Please make sure to include the age of any successful angler 14 or under when you submit your photos.

We look forward to seeing your striper photos and we thank you for participating in this important “citizen science” research program.

The Snap-A-Striper Team

Read more about the research being done by GMRI…

Research Update

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