Accessing Maine’s Coast

Lost Access is a problem up and down Maine's coast.

According to Maine law, Private landowners can and often do hold private property rights to the low water mark. These private property rights are subject to a public easment for fishing, fowling, and navigation up to the mean high tide line.

Maine law does not guarantee access to the intertidal zone, so it’s still neccessary to find an access point that will allow you to get below the high water mark, but as long as you’re below the high water mark Maine law guarantees the right to engage in “fishing, fowling, and navigation” there.

Additionally, Maine law stipulates that a landowner is not liable for any harm that comes to you while engaging in “Recreational or harvesting activities” on his or her property. (Maine Title 14, Part 1, Chapter 7, 159-A)

For more information on accessing Maine’s intertidal areas, check out this comprehensive guide:

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